Business/Location: Chef Geoff's
Address: 1301 Pennsylvania Ave NW
City: Washington
State: DC
Zip Code: 20004
Phone: 202-464-4461

Posted by:  Elisabeth Grant
Photo:  Elisabeth Grant
   Chef Geoff's
It is DC, and an election year, so I guess you have to forgive Chef Geoff's for its Ciroc O'Pama and McCane Mojito cocktails. Take it as an opportunity to raise your glass and support your candidate, or if you're tired of politics, just enjoy a Key Lime Pie Martini (it has pie crust around the rim!). Whether you're in the mood for drinks or a more substantial meal, Chef Geoff's is a nice stop before a show at National Theater or Warner Theater, both of which are just a few steps away (to the delight of the stiletto-wearing theatergoers). And there's something for all tastes, with dozens of dishes in every category on the menu. Have a burger (of the beef, salmon, or tuna variety), a pizza (Portobello, perhaps?), a satisfying salad, or one of their "Simple Meats and Fish." And if you're up for it, definitely grab a side of the sweet potato fries. Oh, there's always room for sweet potato fries.