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Business/Location: Shunt Lounge (closed)
Address: 20 Stainer St
City: London
State: England
Post Code: SE1 9RL
Phone: 020 7378 7776

Posted by:  Michael Kasparis
Photo:  Michael Kasparis
   Shunt Lounge
Through a long, lightless tunnel I feel my way, with sprays of wet mist and red light flaring up at intervals. It's frightening; I'm unsure of my step, of who's walking beside me, and of what subterranean vermin are underfoot. Though the darkness is intimidating there's a prickly excitement akin to stumbling around looking for your first illegal rave. Shunt is a performance space run by the Shunt Collective, a catacomb of arched chambers which house cinema theatres, live band stages, art installations, pinball rooms and dank corners. When I stumble into the main bar area it's for a Kenneth Anger programme hosted by the ragged mystik himself. In the end we're herded from malfunctioning cinema to malfunctioning cinema and we finally catch the films 2 and half hours late, crammed into a small room with a mixed bunch of hipsters, goths, cultists and film students. So, this place isn't perfect, but on any given night you can catch burlesque death shows, Johnny Trunk playing weird records and free flapjacks. There's a rumour that Shunt will be closing in June 09, so go now!

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Submitted on: 5/26/2009 2:09:23 PM      
By: Michael Kasparis
Comment: I partly take this back. Went there on a weekend and it was filled with hoardes of suburban trash whooping like they've never seen another living being before. And city workers who were all "I went to this amazing place, yeah, in, like, a tunnel and shit." Sorry everyone...

Submitted on: 6/5/2009 8:39:08 AM      
By: Claire Storrow
Comment: Back in the day when this was a private members' club and "weekend membership" was a fiver on the door on Friday and Saturday night, it was a revelation; they played Girls Aloud alongside The Arcade Fire and it felt like a Dali dreamscape as you slowly got more inebriated. Now however, because "like, everybody knows about it" it's not so fun. They would be doing the right thing by shutting it up and coming up with a new space/venue. It was good while it lasted.