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5th Quadrant      
A nice spot to grab some food and a 6.9% Lompoc Strong Draft (or three).
Nightlife    Brew Pub, Cocktails, Food, Happy Hour, NFT Pick, Outdoors / Patio
3901 N Williams Ave • 503-288-3996
Aalto Lounge       
Dark and low-key with interesting art and pretty people. Late night DJs.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Cocktails, Food, Happy Hour, Hipster, Outdoors / Patio, Trendy
3356 SE Belmont St • 503-235-6041
Acropolis Steakhouse      
Cheap steak and strippers. The gods would approve.
Nightlife    Food, NFT Pick, Strip Club
8325 SE McLoughlin Blvd • 503-231-9611
Aladdin Theater      
A beloved theater circa 1920s that spans the musical genres.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Historic, Live Music
3017 SE Milwaukie Ave • 503-234-9694
Alberta St. Public House      
Old timey warmth. Drinks, food, and nightly acoustic tunes.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Cocktails, Food, Live Music, NFT Pick, Outdoors / Patio, Pub
1036 NE Alberta St • (503) 284-7665
Amnesia Brewing       
Slightly yuppie-ish beer garden. Try the Copacetic IPA and a grilled brat.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Brew Pub, Happy Hour, Outdoors / Patio
832 N Beech St • 503-281-7708
Wishing you could transport to a douche-y Hollywood bar? Voila!
Nightlife    Cocktails, Dance Club, DJ Bar, Food, Lounge, Trendy, Upscale
1022 W Burnside St • (503) 597-2872
Bailey's Taproom      
Choose from 20 tasty beers to sip there or take home.
Nightlife    Beer Selection
213 SW Broadway • 503-295-1004
Bar of the Gods (BOG)      
If by "Gods" they mean quasi-hipsters and lackadaisical drunks, then yes!
Nightlife    Billiards, Food, Outdoors / Patio
4801 SE Hawthorne Blvd • (503) 232-2037
Berbati's Pan      
A solid, mid-size rock club with adjacent bar in case the openers stink.
Nightlife    Cocktails, Live Music
231 SW Ankeny St • (503) 248-4579
Good happy hour. Good beers. Good vibe.
Nightlife    Food, Games, NFT Pick, Beer Selection, Coffee Shop
118 NE 28th Ave • 503-235-2794
Biltz Pearl      
Wear jerseys, watch the local teams and cheer every play.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Cocktails, Food, Games, Sports Bar
110 NW 10th Ave • (503) 222-2229
Nothing much to it. Small bar, simple in a neighborhood of quirks.
Nightlife    Billiards, Cocktails, Food
2715 NE Alberta St • (503) 493-4430
Blitz Ladd      
Wear jerseys, watch the local teams and cheer every play.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Cocktails, College Bar, Food, Games, Happy Hour, Live Music, Sports Bar
2239 SE 11th Ave • (503) 236-3592
Bonfire Lounge      
Good luck scoring those sidewalk tables in summer. Food's still good inside.
Nightlife    Billiards, Cocktails, Food, Outdoors / Patio
2821 SE Stark St • (503) 232-3704
Bottles Beers, Amazing BarB-Que and Pinball in the back room
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Brew Pub, Food
5015 Northeast Fremont Street • 5032877022
Branch Whiskey Bar      
It's all about the whiskey and bourbon, not the décor.
Nightlife    Trendy, Whisky/Bourbon
2926 NE Alberta St • 503-284-9600
Electro, techno, disco, whoknows, DJ, throbbing, hole-in-the-wall dancing.
Nightlife    Dance Club, DJ Bar, Hipster, Live Music
320 SE 2nd Ave
Brasserie Montmartre      
Come in late for live music and steak frites.
Nightlife    Cocktails, Food, Live Music, Upscale
626 SW Park Ave • 503-236-3036
Brews Brothers      
Brothers do it all: tapas, desserts and lotsa craft brews.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Food, Live Music
445 NE 70th Ave • 503-360-1439
Bye & Bye      
Dark & hip. Vegan meatball sub better than real thing.
Nightlife    Cocktails, Food, Happy Hour, Hipster, Outdoors / Patio
1011 NE Alberta St • (503) 281-0537
Casa del Matador East      
Open fireplace makes for a cozy happy hour.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Cocktails, Sports Bar, Upscale
2424 E Burnside St • 503-719-5757
Casa Diablo      
Vegan not just for food--no leather on stage either!
Nightlife    Cocktails, Fetish, Outdoors / Patio, Strip Club
2839 NW St Helens Rd • (503) 222-6600
CC Slaughters      
It's a gay club, not an abbatoir
Nightlife    Afterhours, Cocktails, LGBT
200 NW 3rd Ave • 503-248-9135
Chapel Pub      
The only McMenamins pub in a former mortuary. We think.
Nightlife    Brew Pub, Food, Happy Hour, Historic
430 N Killingsworth St • 503-286-0372
Real deal sports bar. A rarity in SE Portland.
3006 SE Hawthorne Blvd • 503-232-1744
Clinton Street Pub      
One of the best local dives in town.
2524 SE Clinton St • 503-236-7137
Club 205      
Dive meets strip club
Nightlife    Cocktails, Dive, Food, Strip Club
9939 SE Stark St • (503) 256-0527
Club 21      
Hipster dive delight.
2035 NE Glisan St • 503-235-5690
County Cork Public House      
Irish to the hilt; Go on St. Paddy's day at your peril.
Nightlife    Games, Irish Pub, Live Music
1329 NE Fremont St • 503-284-4805
Crow Bar      
Great location on Mississipi; not affiliated with actual crows.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Hipster
3954 N Mississippi Ave • 503-280-7099
Curious Comedy Theater      
Second City alumni present and teach improv, troupes, and standup.
Nightlife    Cocktails, Comedy Club
5225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd • 503-477-9477
Darcelle XV Showplace      
The classiest group of ladies with penises you will ever meet.
Nightlife    NFT Pick
208 NW 3rd Ave • 503-222-5338
Devil's Point      
Fire-dancers! Stripp-aroke! The funnest strip-club in Portland?
Nightlife    Billiards, Cocktails, Fetish, Strip Club
5305 SE Foster Rd • (503) 774-4513
Dots Cafe      
Loved for the dark room and funky velvet paintings.
Nightlife    Billiards, Food, NFT Pick
2521 SE Clinton St • 503-235-0203
Doug Fir Lounge      
Food, booze, music: An all-purpose hipster cave.
Nightlife    Cocktails, Food, Hipster, Hotel Bar, Live Music, Lounge, Meat Market, Trendy
830 E Burnside St • 503-231-9663
Driftwood Room      
Classic cozy hotel lounge.
729 SW 15th Ave • 503-219-2094
East End      
Drinks, garage bands, and a wink in this hipster cave.
Nightlife    Cocktails, Food, Hipster, Live Music, Lounge, Outdoors / Patio
203 SE Grand Ave • (503) 232-0056
Egyptian Club      
Legendary lesbian hang out. Get on the dance floor!
3701 SE Division St • 503-236-8689
Free House      
BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl) nights and shuffleboard.
Nightlife    Cocktails, Lounge
1325 NE Fremont St • 503-331-2000
Goodfoot Pub & Lounge      
Spacious pub upstairs, cramped hippie jam bonanza beneath.
Nightlife    Billiards, Beer Selection, Cocktails, Food
2845 SE Stark St • (503) 239-9292
Greater Trumps      
Defy the smoking ban! Smoke cigars and drink port.
1520 SE 37th Ave • 503-235-4530
Green Dragon      
Beer paradise.
Nightlife    Beer Selection, Brew Pub, Cocktails, Food, Games
928 SE 9th Ave • 503-517-0660
Ground Kontrol      
Classic '80s video games, DJs, and beer.
511 NW Couch St • 503-796-9364
Hal's Tavern      
Where old timers drink and play shuffleboard.
1308 SE Morrison St • 503-232-1259
Harvey's Comedy Club      
Where '80s comics go to die.
Nightlife    Cocktails, Comedy Club, Food
436 NW 6th Ave • (503) 241-0338
Hawthorne Theater      
Sort of ugly inside and poorly laid out, but hey, all ages.
Nightlife    Cocktails, Live Music, Under 21
3862 SE Hawthorne Blvd • (503) 233-7100
Henry's on 12th      
Ginormous sports bar inside a former brewery--guy Nirvana.
Nightlife    Billiards, Brew Pub, Sports Bar
10 NW 12th Ave • 503-227-5320
Spacious, sparse and modern. DJ's, dancing, long drink lines.
Nightlife    Dance Club, DJ Bar, Hipster, Live Music, Lounge, Trendy, Beer Selection, Cocktails
1001 SE Morrison St • 503-239-7639
Horse Brass Pub        
Incredible beer selection. And darts.
Nightlife    NFT Pick
4534 SE Belmont St • 503-232-2202
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