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Radar Image Cafe Antiquari

The Modern Antiquarian

I hate to say it folks but we're in the last week of September, the dying embers of summer are just about still glowing but October is around the corner. So of course, your roving reporter ran away to Mallorca for a bit. I love this island. It's no longer about package holidays and lager louts (although, you can still find that if that's what you want) and I find the street culture in Palma very interesting. The graffiti is almost painterly and on a par with anything you see in East London and t ... Continue

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Radar Image Miss Pizza

Pizza In Beyoglu

Long flights drain me. So when my wife and I got into our hotel room we were hungry and tired and didn't want to venture far. So we looked out our window and saw Miss Pizza. We figured it was close and then we could sleep. We sat down and saw that the menu was very broad. All the pizzas sounded great and light. Mostly they were vegetarian which sounded great at that moment. We ordered a pizza each and noticed immediately that they made it right away in their wood fired brick oven. We saw that th ... Continue

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Radar Image Cleveland Pickle

Caught In A Pickle That You Can't Get Out Of

It's not good unless it has been dipped in vinegar and allowed to soak for a worthwhile time, or at least I subscribe to that idea. I love pickled onions, carrots, eggs, and jalapenos and yes pickles. Cleveland Pickle is a small sandwich shop that seems to share my affinity with pickled food. Located Downtown on E9th Street and Euclid, this establishment seems to be a local favorite with the crowd that works in the city of Cleveland. They're only open for lunch, so the hours can be difficult for ... Continue

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Radar Image Niko's Greek Grill

If At First Glance Is Unimpressive, Try The Gyro, My Friend

The food at Niko's, a Greek restaurant that at first glance is unimpressive, is surprisingly good. Located in Gordon Square in Cleveland's West side, Niko's is away from the popular section of Detroit Ave that is popular and more in the grungy area, located next to a pizza restaurant that keeps getting into trouble with the FBI and other government establishments. However, some of the best food in the world is the cheapest. Niko's is set up like a fast food place, they even have a drive through. ... Continue

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Radar Image Sweet Moses

Sweet Moses, Cleveland Ice Cream!

Any idiot can make ice cream. But to make ice cream that is of a high caliber is difficult to come by these days. You can buy expensive ice cream at the grocery store, but if you pay attention to detail, the flavor is often so so, and that is what we have come to see as the best; so so. Then you go to Sweet Moses and you see what ice cream is meant to be. It is fantastic and miles ahead of grocery stores or chain restaurants. Fashioned like an old soda fountain, Gordon Square's Sweet Moses makes ... Continue

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Radar Image Progressive Field

All That And They're Still Only .500?

Jacobs Field is where the Cleveland Indians play their home games. The Indian are a great team, if you have any doubt on the subject watch the movie Major League! They play hard and entertain very well. The team has been through better times but the players are solid and have good averages. Our star player is Choo, and whenever he comes up to bat you think the fans are booing him but they're chanting "Chooooooooo!". The stadium is great because you can see everything very well compared to other ... Continue

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Whiskey Island

Cleveland's Whiskey Island

Whiskey Island, also called Wendy Park, is one of those very tucked away parks that unless you've heard of it or go exploring and chance upon it, you will never find. Located on the Western side of where the Cuyahoga River meets Lake Erie, Whiskey Island is a great park to go to go for a walk, a run, sunbathe, swim, play volleyball, take pictures, you name it. The park is also surrounded by active and inactive remnants of our past as well, like bridges, silos, passing by freight boats and an aba ... Continue

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Radar Image Li Wah

Dim Sum At Cleveland's Li Wah

Li Wah is one of those gems you rarely come across can make you feel giddy eating there. Li Wah is what Cleveland's Bo Loong used to be, the best damn Dim Sum for hundreds of miles. You can't talk about Li Wah without talking about Bo Loong. Bo Loong used to be the best Dim Sum because of their highest quality food that beat the competition by leaps and bounds. However, in the last few years they have gone very far downhill for some reason, and Li Wah has filled their shoes for the better. Li Wa ... Continue

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