Smithsonian National Zoological Park Who Loves It (5)
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Address: 3001 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008 (Cross street: Hawthorne St NW)
Neighborhood: Woodley Park / Cleveland Park
Specifics: NFT Pick
Phone: 202-633-4800
Landmarks Two words: baby panda.

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Zoo Ballyhoo
Posted by:  S F

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park is a tourist's dream. Free, fun, and often entertaining in the manner of LOL cats, visitors to D.C. often have the Zoo on their agenda. For a resident without children, the National Zoo is often overlooked. The Zoo's neighbors include tons of bars and restaurants, but few people realize that these same social and culinary thrills can be found within the Zoo at its many Young Professional events, with the added fun of having exotic animals close by. Coming up on August 21st the Zoo will prove you can drink and still feel good in the morning. At the annual Brew at the Zoo event, over 25 microbreweries and 15 restaurants, including NFT favorites, will descend on the zoo, taking over Lion/Tiger hill in the name of conservation. Drink beer to save wildlife? The only question I have left about the event: Why not?!

Photo:  S F
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Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Posted by:  Sean Keefer

The National Zoo is a great place. One of the best overall zoos in the world, admission is always free, and even better, they have loads of cute baby animals. The Zoo has received much attention in the last year as a result of the birth of one of DC’s newest celebrities, Tai Shan, the baby Panda. Huge crowds flock to watch him sleep in his favorite tree. However, as amazing as the Pandas are, they are just the tip of the zoo’s iceberg. Pick an animal and chances are they have it. Recently a baby sloth bear was born and allowed to go out into his habitat. He’s a lot more active than Tai Shan, and you can see him up close. In September, the new baby tigers make their exciting (and of course ultra-cute) debut. Set aside a whole day to roam about. You’ll like what you discover.

Photo:  Sean Keefer
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Sumatran Tiger Cubs
Posted by:  Magda Nakassis

Tai Shan isn't the new kid on the block anymore. There's a new family moved in down the street—on Olmsted Walk, that is—with three baby Sumatran tigers. Born 3½ months ago, Guntur ("thunder"), Melati ("jasmine"), and Maharani ("queen"), made their debut to the public in early September. As they adjust to their outdoor living space, these sweet cubs are taking some of the attention away from the giant panda’s only child. Born blind and two pounds a piece, these siblings have grown exponentially—but they still have plenty of wild boar to wolf down before they become full-grown 250-pound great cats on the prowl. Come and see these predators while they're still playful kitties.

Photo:  Courtesy of National Zoo
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DC Zoo
Posted by:  RP Wolosiuk

The DC Zoo, officially known as the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, is widely regarded as one of the preeminent zoos in the United States. More importantly, however, it is entirely free of charge. While not for everybody, the Zoo is a particularly good place to take a date on a nice day, with its winding pathways and lush foliage. Be prepared, however, to navigate a gauntlet of tourists, many traveling in packs and armed with strollers. You will certainly have to battle for a view at the panda compound, where DC’s most illustrious resident, Tai Shan, is held. Tai Shan is one of the few Giant Pandas in the world to be born in captivity. If you need another reason to visit, know that it is one of the only places in DC where you can still get Dippin’ Dots.

Photo:  RP Wolosiuk
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