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Address: W 4th St & Washington Square W, New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: Washington Square / NYU / NoHo / SoHo     Book: New York
Website: www.nycgovparks.org/parks/wash...
Landmarks From Potter's field to counterculture mecca and everything in between.

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Unsilent Night
Posted by:  Molly Riordan

Nothing says holiday cheer like 'participatory sound sculpture.' This nontraditional take on neighborhood Christmas caroling is in something like its 14th year, thanks to the musical brilliance and logistical efforts of composer Paul Kline, the mastermind of the annual multi-city Unsilent Night. Asking 'carolers' to bring along boomboxes, iPod speakers, anything that will play recorded music, Kline and cronies distribute unique, individually recorded tapes. All press 'play' and begin a winding wintery stroll through Greenwich Village. Spreading seasonal love in a cloud of ambient bell-tolling, carolers get to confuse tourists, block crosswalks, and cause a beautiful ruckus all in the name of heavenly peace. Is this feeling of transcendence the result of so many wannabe performance-artists milling serenely through the darkened streets? Or is it the frigid cold numbing my brain and extremities? I hoist my ghettoblaster to the glory on high. TOMORROW: December 13, 7 pm at the Arch.

Photo:  Molly Riordan
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Washington Square Park Small Dog Run
Posted by:  Annie Karni

The key to cracking the Sunday puzzle is knowing when to give it a rest and revisit it with fresh eyes. The small dog run in Washington Square Park offers the distractions that Doma checks at the door. Many of the dogs are small enough to wear tube socks—even grown men will be cooing at the cuteness like middle school girls. Focused concentration intermittently interrupted by yapping distractions is a proven winning crossword puzzle strategy. The only catch—you’re not allowed into the dog run without a dog, so be a pal and offer to take a friend’s dog for a walk, or sidle up to the fence and peek in from the outside. But if you’re serious about crossword completion, you’ll be there, dog or no dog.

Photo:  Annie Karni
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