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Outer Sunset

Year-round, hardcore surfers hold ground (and water) at Ocean Beach, while bikers and joggers frequent the seaside paths on the Great Highway. The eternal fog gives the residential Outer Sunset a stigma that is refuted by sunny beach days during Indian Summer. Residents here like to live on the edge -- of the contiguous United States, that is.

Sprinkled among boxy, pastel-colored, single-family homes are playgrounds and dollar stores. The N-Judah streetcar will take passengers from downtown all the way out to the beach, and ethnic restaurant gems such as the venerated Thanh Long are found at the end of Noriega and Judah Streets. Don't miss those legendary garlic noodles.


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Posted By:  Melinda Bailey
Photo:  Melinda Bailey

Kaila's Corner Cup
I have to respect a place that doesn't bother cluttering the coffee counter with non-fat, low-fat, soy or rice milk. Nope, mostly they just put out one simple carafe of good ol' full-fat, as if to say, "deal with it, or drink it black." Now of course, you have to back up a statement like that with some pretty fine coffee, and Kaila's does that, using Equator organic beans. Don't be fooled, this is no fancy, frou-frou purveyor of fair trade. A real neighborhood joint, they cook up a traditional Irish breakfast (in sandwich form) and keep more than a couple of pint-sized stools and rocking chairs for the kiddies. *Bonus: If you catch the afternoon barista in a chatty mood, he'll talk politics with you for as long as you care to listen.

Posted By:  Andrew Vennari
Photo:  Andrew Vennari

Java Beach
The end of Judah at the Great Highway is out of the way for some people. But Ocean Beach has a certain magic and whether the sun is shinning or the fog is rolling, Java Beach is a great place to visit. Drink a coffee or a beer as the N makes a lazy circle in the intersection. If you're hungry, they make a great sandwich. The Tsunami is a toasted sub that ranks with the best in the city. Even though the food can take long enough to make the patient anxious, it's worth it if you can brave the wait. The chill vibe here resonates o'er the dunes and washed out colors of the SF beach community. Dogs, surfers, tourists who've lost their way, a guitar player strums a tune. They all converge at the edge of our hungry city. The beach is a far cry from downtown, and if you want that hustle and bustle long gone, time here has a way of slowing down.

Posted By:  Jess Horrible
Photo:  Jess Horrible

Feel Real Organic Vegan Café
When was the last time you had real food at a restaurant? I don't mean a Caesar salad with preservatives in the dressing and Yellow #5 in the croutons; I don't mean sliced wheat toast or creamy broccoli soup. I mean food that was in the ground yesterday. I'm talking about a brown-rice bowl with steamed kale and homemade veggie crumble over the top, and a pot of green tea. It's been a while, right? That's probably because Feel Real is all the way down in the Outer Sunset, so you don't get to visit often. But next time you're in the neighborhood, don't forget to stop by and taste the wonderful, organic, 100% hippie love and goodness mixed into every dish. Not only are the flavors incredible, but the food is incredibly healthful; you'll feel no guilt about what you eat. And you can definitely afford it: meals here are pay-what-you-can (price range suggested). Of course, if you're addicted to your salt shaker, you probably won't appreciate what Feel Real has to offer. But if you're looking to eat food that's both delicious and responsible, you'll find few better restaurants in SF—or anywhere else for that matter.

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