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Nearly every community of Eastern Brooklyn is surrounded by water, and while you wouldn't exactly get an "Aye, matey" vibe from its inhabitants, this section of the borough is home to over a dozen boating and yacht clubs. In the summer, inlets along Sheepshead Bay, Plum Beach, and Paerdegat Basin become packed with jet skiers, windsurfers, and the occasional million-dollar schooner. Some neighborhoods such as Canarsie and Marine Park exude an almost suburban tranquility, while seriously affluent areas like Mill Basin and Manhattan Beach cater to an exclusive crowd. Densely populated East New York and Brownsville are packed with drab public housing, though remnants of a former Art Deco glory can be found along Pitkin Avenue. The population is a mixed bag, and with Brooklyn's seaside real estate once again on the rise, the nabe can only improve with time.

Although the subway extends all the way out to East New York (J, Z, A, C, 3) and Canarsie (L), there are many neighborhoods that can be accessed only by bus or car (notably Marine Park, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, parts of East Flatbush, and the Flatlands).See more.

Brooklyn is a borough of individual neighborhoods. The main communities that make up Eastern Brooklyn are:

Bergen Beach
Gerritsen Beach
Cypress Hills
Marine Park
East Flatbush
Mill Basin
East New York
Sheepshead Bay

What Eastern Brooklyn lacks in trendiness, it makes up for in scenery. The Eastern Brooklyn shore is lined with more than 3,000 acres of amazing parks that offer a plethora of activities: Nature trails, golf courses, horseback riding, camping, fishing, bird watching, boating, and organized athletics. When you need a break from it all, Marine Park, Floyd Bennett Field, the Jamaica Riding Academy, and Canarsie Beach Park provide a nice diversion from city life.


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Stuffed to the Gills: All-U-Can-Eat Sushi

By David Freedenberg
Eating is the one thing a man can do with a fish.


On Our Radar:

Posted By:  Layne Mosler
Photo:  Layne Mosler

Cherry Hill Gourmet Market
Cherry Hill Gourmet Market is a relatively new addition to Sheepshead Bay/Brighton Beach Russian supermarket scene, but it's already worked its way into the neighborhood's heart. There are two ways to gorge yourself here: in the upstairs cafe with Yanni playing live on multiple flat screen TVs or getting take-out from the downstairs deli. If you don't mind a multiculti menu and curious stares from the well-heeled Russians who hang out there, the cafe is worth a visit. Though blintzes (with cucumber, caviar and salmon) and kutabi (a pressed pie with boiled beef and onions inside and dried pomegranate outside) are nothing special, soups (like fish soup with fresh dill and flat-leaf parsley, big chunks of salmon, leeks, carrots and scallions) are outstanding. Almost everything at the vast and varied deli tastes as if it's passed through a babushka's capable hands, especially barley with caramelized mushrooms and onions, borscht, potato-battered chicken stuffed with mushrooms, stewed cabbage and 'Caucasian' salad (with cilantro, tomato, and roasted eggplant).

Posted By:  Jennifer Keeney Sendrow
Photo:  Courtesy Roomorama

Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum
Three hundred and fifty-five years ago, Pieter Claesen Wyckoff built himself a sturdy little house. It was expanded over the years, and his descendents lived in it right up until 1901. To this day, the Wyckoff House has not gone co-op. No, the oldest house in New York is a proper museum dedicated to preserving our city’s Dutch colonial heritage. The house, park, and garden are open to visitors Tuesday through Sunday, and there are often educational programs and special events on the weekends. It’s the perfect place to take that friend who’s always prattling on about tulips and stroopwaffels.

Posted By:  Jennifer Keeney Sendrow
Photo:  Courtesy Roomorama

Joe's of Avenue U
Are you interested in eating incredibly delicious, homemade Sicilian food alongside men in leisurewear sporting bejeweled pinkie rings? Look no further than Joe’s of Avenue U, a neighborhood institution serving off-duty wiseguys, local families, and savvy snackers alike at their takeaway counter and diner. Order a carafe of house wine or a Manhattan Special and prepare to carb-load. Justly famous for its classic rice balls and panelle (both vegetarian-friendly, we might add), Joe’s also offers bowls of pasta con sarde and an octopus and calamari salad as good as any you can find this side of the old country.

Posted By:  David Freedenberg
Photo:  David Freedenberg

L&B Spumoni Gardens
Virtually every pizza parlor in New York offers a thick “Sicilian” slice along with their featured thin crust slice. But at L& B the tables are turned. The thin slice is an afterthought to L & B’s thick square pizza. Their Sicilian slice, always fresh from the oven, may just be this NFT writer’s favorite slice in the entire borough of Brooklyn. Located at the geographical edge but spiritual center of Bensonhurst, L & B breaks the New York pizza mold. Their fluffy crusts are layered first with mozzarella, then smothered in tomato sauce, and finally sprinkled with parmesan. Relaxing at a picnic table on the outdoor patio with a steaming hot thick slice and a squeeze cup full of delicate, airy spumoni from the deep freezer is a unique culinary joy that every true New Yorker could appreciate.

Posted By:  David Freedenberg
Photo:  David Freedenberg

Even though the owners of Sahara are Turks, you have to order your shawarma as a “gyro sandwich.” One of the few places near the southern coast of Brooklyn that stays open into the small hours, Sahara’s meat is succulent. The cashier is invariably in a bad mood, but the shawarma is well worth the annoyance. Although Sahara does have a convenient parking lot, there is no convenient place to eat their messy concoctions aside from makeshift counters built around trashcans. So it might be worth sitting down to waitress service in Sahara’s large dinning room.

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