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Pacific Palisades

With streets meandering lazily through the hills, sweeping ocean views that cover the waterfront, and jaw-dropping canyons, Pacific Palisades earns its sticker-shock asking price. It's peopled with celebrities, executives, and a lot of high-fiving real estate agents. This close-yet-removed enclave is spooned between the Pacific Ocean and Topanga State Park, and couldn't be better for a romantic after-dinner stroll.

Amenities in the Palisades are pretty much exclusive to the village area, o Sunset Boulevard along Swarthmore Avenue. For all its rich bohemian history, it's lacking in shopping, nightlife, and soul. But Santa Monica is a short hop down the PCH.


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The Case Study Houses were built in cooperation with John Entenza's Arts And Architecture magazine between 1946-63 and left an indelible mark on the history of suburban architecture. These structures made use of new materials and technologies, but more importantly they were designed with the goal of creating viable living environments. The result was the idea of a "house" as a living and functional machine and included many innovations that we take for granted in contemporary homes today (split level rooms, floor to ceiling windows, built-in furniture). These Case Study houses are not only historically significant—the buildings have becomes icons and also media stars, appearing in a multitude of ad campaigns, magazines, and movies. The Eames Home where Charles and Ray lived for many years is one of the more famous examples. (Nearby on the same stretch of road are also Case Study Houses #9 and #18). The Eames grounds are open to visitors for a $5 charge—you are supposed to call 48 hours before to schedule an appointment ( You must park away from the house, try Vance Street or Corona Del Mar.

Posted By:  Noah Albert
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The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine is located very close to the ocean on Sunset Boulevard and is open to the public. The garden—featuring a pond, two waterfalls, a windmill chapel, and plentiful swans—is owned and maintained by the religious organization founded by Paramhansa Yogananda. Said fellow came over from India in 1925 and was a East-comes-to-the-West superstar until his death in 1952 from a heart attack. The community devoted to his brand of Christ and Krishna worship is still going strong, and his book Autobiography of a Yogi continues to sell well. Yogananda was a teacher of Mahatma Ghandi, which is the reason that some of Ghandi's ashes made the long journey and are now at the Lake Shrine. The public can come to pay their respects and enjoy this lovely and peaceful 10 acre garden.

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Santa Monica Steps
It’s a path, workout, and fashion show all in one! Welcome to the Santa Monica Stairs, a great place to stargaze. There are actually two sets of stairs. One is at Adelaide Drive and 4th Street, constructed of cement with narrow steps, twisting downward. The other is further down Adelaide towards 7th Street and is made up of 168 wider wood steps leading straight down. The visitors include regular runners, personal trainers with clients, hikers with loaded packs training for Mount Whitney, and the kind who like to park their fancy cars as close as possible (to impress women). Several celebrities have been spotted as well, so keep a close lookout. The stairs are super crowded on weekends and after work, to the dismay of the residents of the multi-million dollar homes that line Adelaide. For those visiting the stairs in hopes of picking up a date, a fashionable workout outfit is required – but you actually have to walk the stairs. Some women like doing fancy ballet kicks behind them to further strengthen their rear ends, so leave some distance in front of you to avoid being booted in the face. And let the heaving, sweating man pass you if you’re slower – everyone here is on a mission.

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