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North Hollywood has the least "Valley/suburban" feel of any neighborhood north of The Hills, and that divide between NoHo and the rest of the SFV continues to widen. NoHo sports a burgeoning, urban-feeling array of shops, vintage clothing stores, theaters, and a growing, walkable Arts District. NoHo's Metro Red and Orange Line hubs keep it well connected, satisfying the increasing number of Valley dwellers who dare brave the city without a car.

While certainly not as posh as, say, its New York name twin, NoHo makes up for a lack of upper crust with an eclectic flair and a diverse array of affordable places to go out. The best Thai joints in the Valley are found here, as are some of the best dives. Speaking of booze, the neighborhood is loaded with liquor stores, including the semi-famous, clown-mascoted Circus Liquors.


On Our Radar:

Posted By:  Stacy Lane
Photo:  Stacy Lane

Vallarta Supermarket
Three words: Tres Leches Cake. Sweet, milky (but not smushy) cake covered in dense whipped cream. Creamy. With a hint of caramel, it's super inexpensive and fresh. As for Vallarta's grocery items, you can buy mostly the same stuff here as you can at any other local supermarket, but at Vallarta you can also find Latin American brands that are otherwise hard to find: Bimbo, Inka Cola, etc. And their bakery section and taqueria...muy delicioso. Fast, cheap food that is perfect to pick up, bring home and feed an army. Don't forget the Dos Equis.

Posted By:  adam c. marshall
Photo:  adam c. marshall

I’m fairly certain that God created the black bean for the Cuban staple of perfection: frijoles negros. Pretty cut & dry. But nailing down that flavor at home isn’t as easy as it may seem. Some friends of mine suggested I visit the handy El Cubano market. Largely a Cuban grocery store, El Cubano provides you with all those items that Ralph’s wouldn’t know from a Castro in the wall: dried chilies, Cuban sodas, some unique cuts of meat, etc. It’s really worth a visit. But it seems to be a local secret. The person stocking the shelves was almost hesitant to tell me where the spices were, and the cashier called the manager over when I asked what their hours were. (The hours on their front door are half-missing, and even the manager seemed a little unsure of the hours he provided me, so don’t rely too heavily on the info I’ve gathered...) So it’s safe to assume that we’ve got an undiscovered treasure here, as well as a beautiful serving of frijoles negros just waiting to brew on your stove top. So stock up on the cumin and bay leaves and start cooking those black beans as God intended.

Posted By:  Noah Albert
Photo:  Noah Albert

MP's Soul Food Eatery
Miss Peaches is a small home-style Southern cookery that is the real deal. When you enter the first thing you notice is that the kitchen juts right into the dining area. The stove and trays of side dishes are right there in front of you. Actually, the first thing you really notice is the wonderful smell of yams and the gorgeous desert trays full of sweet overwhelming goodness. The food is 100% pure comfort that brings it all back home. Miss Peaches is all about fried chicken and fish—plus a whole host of tasty sides. The JBL self-powered speakers keep the atmosphere lively as you chow down. And true to Southern form, everyone working is super friendly and hospitable. Once you are in a properly mellow food coma, check out the neat antique and furniture stores nearby on Lankershim to search for whatever sort of treasure your living room might need.

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