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Primrose Hill is factory-packed with pretty young things and established actors mixing with models, designers and artistic types in an area that is London's low-key version of Beverly Hills. If you don't stumble across a celebrity or are disinclined to stalk one you can check out the trendy stores, grab a pint in the equally trendy Lansdowne or take in the views of London from the Hill itself. 


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Posted By:  janet samuels
Photo:  janet samuels

The Hill
The Hill manages to be both a great restaurant and an amazing pub. Hidden out of crazy Camden (but not quite in the oh to posh Belsize) it's got quirky decor and loads of charm. If you're looking for something truly British you could do lots worse than try ANYTHING on the menu. I had a good old fashioned Roast on a Sunday and it was really gorgeous stuff. They advertise a main course and a glass of wine for £10 in the week so that would be worth looking for if you're on a budget but still want somewhere that is going to impress your friends. Probably going to try that next time there's a great show on in town. It's only a short walk from places like The Roundhouse (seen some spectacular bands there) so certainly one for music fans.

Posted By:  John Parton
Photo:  John Parton

Sir Richard Steele
Excuse the fuzzy, slightly amateur nature of the accompanying photograph--I am an amateur. But this image also very professionally represents the overall condition a few hours in the Steeles will likely leave you in; slurring, slightly confused, shouting at your friends, very happy, drunk. This pub is a short stroll up the hill from the Chalk Farm end of the main Camden strip and is a fine find. Untouched by any sense of trendiness, free from a gastro-mauling and maintaining a rough-hewn crowd of not too threatening local losers, it's all you could ask for when the Friday-night thirst smacks you squarely in the jaw. If this doesn't sound like enough, there's also a huge beer garden, decent beers on tap and an inexplicable encouragement to get headily intoxicated pervading the darkened air. Topping all this off is an interior stuffed with an enormous array of decorative crap awful enough to make newcomers bawl with joy. The perfect pub? Darn close.

Posted By:  Michael Kasparis
Photo:  Michael Kasparis

Cecil Sharp House
You would be forgiven for thinking that Camden's bawdiness leaked out from the seedy massage parlours lurking on Chalk Farm Road, but the truth is it's as old as Morris dancing. Cecil Sharp was a dedicated folklorist who was instrumental in preserving many regional British folk traditions. However, Sharp was as beloved of horny old folk songs as he was of sword dancing. Cecil Sharp founded the English Folk Dance Society (later the EFDSS) in 1911 as a library and educational institution, which became the catalyst for the first great folk revival. It now lives in Cecil Sharp House; a labyrinthine building staffed by lovely, 'authentic' types. A place where you can catch lectures on Romany gypsies by cult folkie Shirley Collins, spend hours in the customized library or listen to 80-year-old Cornish women sing dirty traditional ballads. You'll also find out that these old folkies can out-drink any youngster in the after-hours singing sessions, which are often still going when Koko empties.

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