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Holloway Road / Arsenal

Much like the football team the area shares its name with, there is a lot of potential talent here that just needs some time to come to fruition. On match days the streets make a sardine tin look roomy. This area also includes the grotty stretch of Holloway Road. For something different try Tbilisi for cheap Eastern European eats.


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Posted By:  Michael Kasparis
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The Coronet
As a righteous student, I hated J. D. Witherspoons. They seemed to be symptomatic of a mainstream take-over which I now see was just niavity. The Coronet is a conversion of an Art Deco cinema, but it's best to visit before you get all culturally superior. Witherspoons are a 'pub chain,' but their brand of capitalism ain't new: the original cinema no doubt operated on the same money-making principles. They're the same principles that drive the Moustache Bar or Boujis. Witherpoon simply champions working class drinking values. Legend has it that he based his chain on George Orwell's ideal pub: "Draught stout, open fires, cheap meals, motherly barmaids and no radio." The Coronet sticks to this template, but throws in period interiors and pickled, verbose locals. The Ale selection is impressive, and you'll struggle to find a pint of anything over £2. Many readers might be choking on their £4 pint of Staro at the idea of supporting a ghastly Witherspoon's, but it's their loss. The locals talk and sing to you, and you can spend hours just marvelling at the old theatre architecture. Can't wait for Mr J. D. to buy Jaguar Shoes.

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