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Euston's the first port of call for thousands of people each day, be it city workers from the Shires or pilgrims to the many erotic bookshops by the railway. Look beyond the station--an ugly grey cube that dominates the area--and you'll find few gems. Students and bookish types head to the outstanding library (British that is) while beer aficionados head to Euston Tap.


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Posted By:  mike whyte
Photo:  mike whyte

Camley Street Natural Park
Donning your wellies may seem a strange thing to do anywhere in London--but in Kings Cross? I know--I know, you may think I have just arrived from another planet, but it's true--and I've seen it! If you wander past the wonderous St. Pancras building, and head past the industrial wastelands of the redevelopment of Kings Cross you will find an oasis of calm that is really, well wild! Camley Street Natural Park is free to the public, sells houseplants that have been nurtured within the park, and has a lovely little trail which is soft underfoot, has wildlife that tends to obstruct your path, and generally takes you a million miles away from the London you left behind just at the bottom of the road. Although the openings are generally daytime only, look out for special events, a recent one I was too afraid to go to involved observing bats! So don those wellies, take a deep breath...aaaaaand relax!!!

Posted By:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Claire Storrow

Oliver Bonas
Oliver Bonas is my friend. Whoever he is. Recently I met a girlfriend having forgotten her birthday during the previous week. I needed something for her and I needed it fast--I needed something that did not scream "I just picked up the first thing I saw".  Luckily for me Oliver Bonas is a godsend for these kinds of moments. I guarantee (boys take note) you could buy practically anything in here and your girlfriend/aunt/sister/mum/niece/best friend/cousin/wife/daughter would be chuffed to bits. I chose a red and white leather purse with a cherry motif knowing that said girlfriend is a sucker for anything with cherries on it. Girlfriend calls--I'm ten minutes late--"Where are you?" I'll be five minutes I say. The cashier asks if I want gift wrap "Yes, all that please." I rush out of St Pancras to see girlfriend standing urbanely with her own bag from Oliver Bonas (she too had forgotten my birthday some months ago). She smiles, clocking my bag, "Where’ve you been?!" she asks knowingly. "Where’ve you been?!" I respond. Cue fits of giggles and gasps of delight while unwrapping the freshly wrapped gifts. "Oh my God! I so wanted this!" And I know she really did.

Posted By:  Jane Davies
Photo:  Jane Davies

The Camden Head
Just down from the station it's a little walk from the the super-busy lock area and is all the better for it. You don't get many better locations for a pre-gig (and post gig booze) with locals. Rather than a stuffy old pub or a too-trendy bar The Camden Head is a brilliant combination of the two. Drinks are cheap and there is a lovely pub food menu (thankfully not just boring chips--a really good choice if you are starved before heading out). Tucked away upstairs there's a cosy fireplace and sometimes there are one or two hidden treasures--comedy nights and "catch them before they are really really famous" bands. Oh and the odd DJ.

Posted By:  christine crowther
Photo:  christine crowther

St Pancras Church Hall
This Saturday (April 18) from 2 pm to 5 pm, Crafty Creatures launches its very first crafternoon extravaganza at the St Pancras Church Hall. This is your chance to create your very own T Shirt Dog, pig out on the finest range of homemade cakes, drink tea until you turn into a tea bag. and listen to some very fine music. What more could you want? Roller skating hostesses...ok then. Crafty Creatures is the clever guise of the charity FairPensions (full notes on charity below) and the all profits will go directly to them. Keeping in line with the ethical ethos of FairPensions we will be encouraging attendees to bring their oldest, most loved but well worn T shirt--which they don't mind cutting up and transforming into a stuffed dog--to this event. Whilst your creative juices are flowing our lovely hostesses will be at your beck and call serving up homemade cakes and a wide selection of hot drinks. If you love winning prizes (and let's face it who doesn't?) then our raffle will tickle your fancy. Take pleasure in knowing that you are helping to save the planet whilst creating your very own piece of dog shaped art. This is a fun filled day that will leave your heart and mind feeling satisfied and your stomach filled to the brim. ENTRY: £5

Posted By:  Anne Seymour
Photo:  Anne Seymour

Camino Cruz del Rey
Not long ago, Kings Cross was a swarm of crack dens and sex shops, where you couldn't take five steps without a gravel-voiced, leopard-skinned lady of the night offering you VD. But all good things must come to an end, and with the arrival of the Eurostar and the mortifying prospect of being looked down on by the French, Kings Cross cleaned up its act. The wonderful Camino was one of first to get in on the regeneration, bringing good food, good wine, and a great venue with Spanish flair. Lovely touches, like newspapers to borrow, the creative Spanish decor and a foosball table, make it somewhere I could quite happily spend the whole day if I had the money to do so--for beware: it's not cheap. But settle into a sofa with wine and tapas, or gather round their barrel tables in the elegant courtyard, and it will be money well spent. Relaxed at breakfast, sophisticated at lunch and buzzing in the evening, the only concern is that once the bloody French find it, we may never get them to leave.

Posted By:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Claire Storrow

Peyton & Byrne
When the Eurostar Terminal moved from Waterloo to St Pancras I thought the only exciting part would be departing for Paris and leaving behind the shithole teeming with uncouth rats that London can so regularly become in the mind of a Londoner. However, the £800 million restoration has not only turned this into a top-notch station but a shopping destination of note within the wasteland of King’s Cross. But I’m not here to talk about the shopping, oh no, I am here to talk about the cupcakes. Yes once upon a time one had to schlep to Portobello Road to get a superior cupcake from The Hummingbird Bakery but now Peyton & Byrne have brought to the table a suitable competitor. Not only that but they sell a smorgasbord of baked goods, gateaux, tarts, biscuits and pastries, and serve cream teas. But back to the cupcakes--the right density, the right moisture levels, the right frosting to sponge ratio: in short, perfection. And with flavours like coconut and raspberry, praline, lemon, coffee, and chocolate and hazelnut you won’t get bored. Paris? Pah! Let them eat cake!

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