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London's unofficial 'Little Beirut' seems to attract both camera-clad tourists (who have strayed too far from Hyde Park) as well as Londoners (who look for food gems on Westbourne Grove). While the place is bustling, beware of the overpriced, and frankly sh***, tourist traps on Queensway. Instead, chill out with a shisha at Berdees, and then be adventurous and try your hand at 1950s-style bowling at All Star Lanes. Alternatively, do it like the Victorians did and get a rub down at Porchester Gate Spa.


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Posted By:  Anne Siegler
Photo:  Anne Siegler

We were looking for a quick later afternoon lunch while we made a pit stop back at our hotel in this neighborhood to re-charge the camera. We were so glad we checked our NFT guide for this place. The food had really great flavor and filled us up for a reasonable price. The service was a bit slow, especially because there was only one other couple in the place, but this didn't ruin our experience. A definite YES for anyone that finds themselves in the area and likes Thai/Indonesian food. This place was also highly recommended by Time Out Magazine which helped us decide to walk in. We were going to go to Royal China across the street but when we saw the prices on their menu, we decided to check out Kiasu.

Posted By:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Claire Storrow

All Star Lanes
Allstar Lanes sounded like way too much fun and I am always suspicious of way too much fun--I am of the Kitchen Society when it comes to parties or New Year's Eve. But on a Wednesday evening (definitely no fear of fun midweek) I was dragged to the Bayswater branch for a couple of Anchor Steam beers, a San Franciscan beer that my friend Ian insisted he had found "nowhere else in London." The door policy is a little confusing--you don't need to be a member per se but you need to have registered to play a game either at the time or previously: registration costs 10 pounds but your first bowling sesh is free and you get a High Roller card for future entry. This is a place that the Fonz would be happy to frequent (indeed perhaps a little "uptown" for Fonzarelli). Plush banquettes, low lighting and hot waitresses in high-waist jeans: I could learn to like this joint. The Anchor Steam hit the spot and I was near tempted to order a mojito as "Chachi" lined 'em up on the bar in front of me. Yup, there will be a next time. Happy Days.

Posted By:  John Parton
Photo:  John Parton

Serpentine Gallery
Ok, it's Frank Gehry's first attempt at a UK building, but he's already in hot territory. The Serpentine Pavilion may only be a tea-and-cucumber sandwiches, temporary, Summer, arty schmooze shack, but previous architects of this yearly poodle pen that sprouts up in the grounds of the Serpentine Gallery like a beautiful, polished mushroom have included such egos as Rem Koolhaas and Daniel Libeskind. So Gehry's effort had better be cool. And yup, it is. Billed as an 'urban street' (what other kind of street is there?) between the permanent gallery and surrounding park, the Pavilion is really just an awesome place to chill out, snooze, wear skinny jeans or just a pretty safe location to check out hot art-school flopsies in, and all for free. In fact, this year's pavilion is so relaxing that an aged man could quite feasibly nod off and fall straight down the pretty sharp looking stairs quite ferociously and no one would seemingly care. This happened upon my visit and barely an eyelid was batted, least of all said aged man's. It disappears back into the ground on the 19th October. The aged man was fine.

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