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Underwood Hills / Blandtown

Once a railroad residential community, Underwood Hills lost steam when another form of transportation, namely Interstate 75, was constructed. It continues on as a modestly priced neighborhood with easy access to the interstate system and intown Atlanta. Due to changes in industrial zoning, Blandtown may end up a present-day token of mixed-use development.


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Posted By:  Josh Green
Photo:  Josh Green

Flip Burger Boutique
At last I got my mouth around the famed Flip burger, a delicious but meager take on the American classic. But quantity isn't the objective at this trendy, Westside joint proclaiming itself a "burger boutique." (I almost expected the fries to arrive in Coach purses). You can get by with eating a single burger (most costing around $7), and two will stuff you, especially with a side, which are extra. Both the sweet potato tots and vodka battered onion rings were good but exceptionally greasy on a recent Saturday visit. The mastermind putting the gourmet between the buns is Richard Blais, he of extreme regional fame after (nearly) winning Bravo's Top Chef: Chicago. Flip is worth a try, especially if your tongue is of the adventurous variety (foie gras milkshake, anybody?) The décor is pure George Jetson. It's an island of cool amid seas of muffler shops and used car lots.

Posted By:  Katherine Dean
Photo:  Katherine Dean

Swinging Richards
Swinging Richards is exactly what you think. Full. Frontal. Men. Dancing. And like all strip clubs, it's kinda smarmy and really cheesy. But if you're a middle-aged queen or if you just enjoy watching chiseled, well-hung men disrobe to the latest in techno-pop, then Dick's is your holy grail. These guys are perfect specimens; seriously, half of them are so cut they look like they just stepped out of Spartacus. What's more is that they've got serious stripper talent, even if their dance faces and flopping genitals make them appear to have no brains. I saw one boxer-brief-clad boy front flip onto the stage in cowboy boots and then proceed to perform pole tricks that defied gravity and normal male musculature. For a good time, definitely pop into Swinging Richards. Just beware of the drinks. They're date-rape-worthy in the sense that ordering a $12 whiskey earns you damn near a pint of the stiff stuff.

Posted By:  Beth Linder
Photo:  Beth Linder

Sam Flax Art & Design Store
As a graduate of Portfolio Center, I still find myself flocking to Sam Flax. Sure, Michael’s and JoAnn’s suffice for all my scrapbooking needs, or if I decide to turn into my mother á la Norman Bates and use a coupon. However, when my latest project calls for the creative versatility of Envelopments or the sheer beauty of a crisp, new hardbound sketchbook, I head to the Godfather of all art stores. Students from every design school in Atlanta consider this store an additional means of tuition, and frequent here so often, they may as well set up camp in the parking lot. While the products are a bit on the pricey side, feel free to live vicariously and browse their section of contemporary office furniture. To anyone with a creative bone in his or her body, you’ll get lost for hours ogling every type of paper imaginable to finding the perfect easel for your next masterpiece or an unusual gift for the eclectic soul. Don’t forget to take a bucket at the door so you have something to catch all your creative juices as they ooze out of your pores the minute you cross the threshold into this artist’s playground.

Posted By:  Sara Kim
Photo:  Sara Kim

Atlanta Rocks! Intown
Bored of my usual every-other-day-at-the-gym routine, I got a few friends together to go indoor rock-climbing. I’d only done it once in college, so I signed us up for the two-hour class called Novice Corner that can accommodate up to six people. For $25, we were set up with our equipment, which included both climbing shoes and harnesses, and an instructor who belayed us and offered good climbing tips, like “It’s all about pivoting your hips!” Our instructor started us off on the auto-belay wall, which had a belay system with hydraulic cables that hung from just below the ceiling, so we could climb to the top and repel completely by ourselves. Then he moved us to the harder walls; we even got to climb parts of the wall ballooned outward. Climbing can be exhausting since you’re using your whole body. We lasted almost exactly two hours, and then hit the road. For those who are more skilled in climbing, they offer several different membership options; their daily rates are $15-17, you can join with a one-, three-, six-, or twelve-month membership, or you can do a $55/month non-fixed-term membership.

Posted By:  Beth Malone
Photo:  Beth Malone

Sam Flax Art & Design Store
It’s rare for my three best gals and me to get together. Last Monday, the stars aligned and we all managed to land at my apartment. Since 3 pm is a little early for booze, we opted for a trip to the art store. Sam Flax is a short hike from Howell Mill. For the true artist, paints and canvasses galore await. I was happy just looking at the massive Andy Warhol art books and embroidered pillows. They also have giant metal art cases, like the one that held Marsellus Wallace’s soul or gold or money. We played “pretend you’re at the airport pulling the ole’ switcheroo with a giant metal briefcase”. People stared, but we laughed and used nicknames—I was Sam Flax. After you play, make your way to the clearance area in the back; there are damaged goods that a starving artist can manipulate to create shear brilliance. I bought myself some charcoal pencils and have since been sketching soft porn on my bathroom wall.

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