New York Custom Mapguides

Map NameDescriptionAuthor# of ListingsCreated On
10.2017vegan dayJil Am1110/26/2017
NYC 2017 - Day 3 Elizabeth Brown110/8/2017
Places to Eat Elicia Herr19/30/2017
Dave John Nottley19/28/2017
HB NYC Horace Bellwether 19/11/2017
NYC B powell47/20/2017
NY jesse aragon93/23/2017
Dec 10 Joanne Olson412/10/2016
New MapTriBeCaDaria Valentini112/7/2016
Introduction Arianna Choza210/26/2016
New York nancha señorio1088/14/2016
restaurants danny pitcher18/14/2016
Sunday - Brooklyn Andrea Truan17/6/2016
Monday - Lower Eastside Andrea Truan16/13/2016
Saturday - Central Park Andrea Truan26/13/2016
Thursday - Midtown Andrea Truan76/13/2016
Friday - Soho Andrea Truan166/13/2016
Test gil tbox55/5/2016
bedstuy Jeanne Proust12/11/2016
NYC 12/12/15 keeley baker411/21/2015
NYC trip J T1111/6/2015
Chelsea Day in NYC Sheila Meiman2810/6/2015
New Map Laurie Darling78/7/2015
Veronicas Neighborhood karen Stabley57/26/2015
NYC THURSDAYWalk Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller center, MOMA, Something Rotten at St. James TheaterJeannae Brown157/10/2015
NYC WEDNESDAYStatue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial, DinnerJeannae Brown97/10/2015
Brooklyn Dana Markiewicz187/10/2015
July A.J. Fox37/1/2015
5 Best and 5 Cheapest Fort Greene Restaurants Rob Tallia107/1/2015
Chelsea Sara Quagliaroli36/28/2015
Mitchell and Skye's Wedding Skye Greenfield35/11/2015
NYCNew York Citydennis morgan15/3/2015
New MapNew York FavsGigi Kerns115/2/2015
West Village Cathy Snedden14/6/2015
cheap eats Tanya Papp13/17/2015
ev Nikki Forshaw103/6/2015
burg Nikki Forshaw33/1/2015
new york bee godeffroy12/22/2015
TAG Trip 23NovI made this map for the TAG trip section, when we are going to see a matinee performance of if/then.Mindy Kimball111/21/2014
Thumpers Big Adventure Chase Smallman1010/16/2014
NorthEastTour Meagan Santaw1310/4/2014
my route through fort green clinton hill and places near bya map of restaurants, parks and other recommended places.julian haimo19/24/2014
Breakfast/Brunch Emily Clegg28/23/2014
First NYC Trip Kim L268/23/2014
August 2014 Eric Martzolf28/17/2014
NYC Zsofi Gaul18/12/2014
chill Rubia Peixoto17/26/2014
Whirlwind NYC weekend! Stephen Harlan157/9/2014
West Village Alexandra Dirand56/4/2014
Harlem Alexandra Dirand85/19/2014
NY Metro Neighborhood Map: Where Most NYU Wagner Students Live Alexis Williams14/18/2014
New Map Christine Rohr24/18/2014
may visit 2014 Sarah Flower14/8/2014
NYC 2014 Larissa McCartney404/7/2014
March 2014 Sherry Churilla53/16/2014
New York Jan. 26, 2014A Sunday in the CitySteve Pollock41/23/2014
New York Nancy Lathrop811/22/2013
New Map Brenda Hayman47/22/2013
New Map Blake Gopnik27/13/2013
New York Restaurants Julia Taheri17/11/2013
Williamsburg Sidney Logemann25/12/2013
New York Al Al-Baker44/30/2013
my nyc Susan Fiedler254/23/2013
New YorkWork Trip to New YorkVanessa Hartung73/26/2013
New Map Col Hawksworth43/21/2013
S&LinNY Linda Sung563/6/2013
Map Name Linda Sung23/6/2013
New york city paula means13/2/2013
Theater District Gregory Dales22/12/2013
New York Sue Walker212/4/2012
NYC Bob K10711/12/2012
SAM MAP Samantha Scott211/12/2012
DWBC NYCDiamond Way Buddhist Centermarcin muchalski110/29/2012
Our Trip to NYC Karoline McGrail1110/11/2012
Places to visit Jakub Redziniak510/10/2012
Epic Preemptory New York Vacation Devon Ashby2710/7/2012
10th Anniversary Trip Lynne Sedey810/5/2012
New Map Lynne Sedey110/5/2012
Fall Break Nora Cannon310/2/2012
NYC 2012 Jason Montgomery149/30/2012
shopping Cheryl Brinkman29/25/2012
New York Trip 2012 Jessica Baxter289/18/2012
Midtown Becca Truderung38/25/2012
Columbia/Morningside Heights Becca Truderung68/25/2012
Simi New York simone pyne38/6/2012
Nyc 2012! Alek Merani228/4/2012
New York Trip Alyson Poole437/31/2012
New Map Alyson Poole17/31/2012
midtown dining Bob Beebe46/26/2012
NYC 2012 Trip jul manz16/18/2012
New Yawk Joshua Bertram16/5/2012
NYC Map of DestinationsTrip to NYC 2012Zachary Eichner26/1/2012
Central ParkA walk through central parkAcacia Rosilez26/1/2012
NYC Oct 2012 Kevin Osborne15/28/2012
New York 10/2012 Brittany Workman15/26/2012
Williamsburg Lisa Haugh15/21/2012
El Museo Maggie McCaffrey55/9/2012
Alley Pond Maggie McCaffrey25/9/2012
Drinks Lauren B.14/22/2012
Claire's choice of Brooklyn claire Palfreyman93/28/2012
9th Ave., ManhattanMap of restaurants on 9th Ave. between 40th and 60 th streetsMark Epstein13/22/2012
Wash Heights Jen Lauren13/18/2012
peter lugers Jen Lauren13/18/2012
Katz Jen Lauren13/18/2012
China town Jen Lauren13/18/2012
NY mahattan lothar tirala13/9/2012
NewYork Becky Mors93/4/2012
New Map Nancy Renneker52/22/2012
Flushing Rita Crisafi172/9/2012
Red Hook Blake Gopnik81/28/2012
Map ny Anne Whitney11/27/2012
BengaluruBengaluru officeVijay P11/24/2012
Matsölur Indridi Oskarsson51/14/2012
ManhattanvilleNr Hispanic SocBlake Gopnik101/7/2012
Exploration M.M. Montalvo112/30/2011
Dyker Heights Blake Gopnik2212/26/2011
nyc robyn smith112/17/2011
Places to go Hannah Smith312/16/2011
12/2011 Lauren Wachtel212/6/2011
nyc 2011/2012 peter drashman111/26/2011
Places to return to - NYC Sean 1811/9/2011
NYC! Sean 23310/18/2011
Map Name ala sheppard110/7/2011
Map Name ala sheppard110/7/2011
google Logan Laughlin19/30/2011
Daz's faves darren morgan149/28/2011
Secret Bars darren morgan89/28/2011
Brooklyn tourBrooklyndarren morgan49/28/2011
new york Frederik Andersen19/23/2011
Gi Giselle Pronesti19/23/2011
Bill's NYC Tammy Brolet99/17/2011
New Mapnew yorkLange Makki19/13/2011
1st MapFun Times on NFTJ Nolley399/8/2011
brooklynette mary oh19/3/2011
NYC Pearl Lam218/31/2011
New Map Ted Land18/30/2011
New York Federico Jimenez38/25/2011
brooklynn catherine furic18/23/2011
Map Name Randy Martinez18/19/2011
Beyonce's Attack Map Amanda Clemens128/11/2011
Times Square David MacDonald78/2/2011
New York City 08/11 Shelby Kasica97/27/2011
New York City 08/10 Shelby Kasica127/27/2011
New York City 08/09 Shelby Kasica27/27/2011
New York City Trip Shelby Kasica657/22/2011
chelsea Sarah Boles17/19/2011
15 Passenger Van Rentals in New York Lisa Smerling17/13/2011
Bed-Stuy Food & Bar CrawlGet down on outdoor eating and day-time drinking at these new hot spots, making Bed-Stuy more than just the home of rap legends. Here's a mapguide that will introduce you to a just a corner of Bed-Stuy where a number of new restos and bars are popping up featuring global cuisine at affordable prices, and unbeatable experiences.Alisha Miranda57/5/2011
Astoria Restaurants Ugur Guney46/24/2011
Places I Need to Frequent Erin Moore16/14/2011
NYCThings to do....places to go....Jennifer Nelson246/4/2011
New Map Christian Berry436/2/2011
Kiamesha Jonathan Fellows26/1/2011
Williamsburg Jill Lapointe15/19/2011
Italian WilliamsburgWilliamsburg is home to large population of southern Italians, particularly Neapolitans. The area between Union Ave and Buschwick Ave (see East Williamsburg) is where one can find long-established Italian businesses and a deeply rooted community.Andrew Savage235/15/2011
New York CityPlaces that I'd like to see when I visit.Andrea Gibbens55/9/2011
Coffee Erin Rivero14/21/2011
Food Erin Rivero44/21/2011
Burgers! Mike White174/18/2011
Dads Week AlliQ DIVINCENZO24/16/2011
Prospect Heightsa typical day in the life of a Prospect Height-er. here's where we eat live, work, and play.Alisha Miranda94/12/2011
Upper East Side Ragnhild Pedersen34/4/2011
MidTown Pat Manders14/3/2011
Brooklyn Pat Manders74/3/2011
Map Name Joe Dolice13/24/2011
Zetaci's Map mario verita63/22/2011
1st map darren morgan13/4/2011
new york cleo papanikolas13/3/2011
Map Name cleo papanikolas13/3/2011
NYC H Ab13/2/2011
Nights Courtney McElroy22/27/2011
Restaurants to try Courtney McElroy82/27/2011
CoffeeShops Courtney McElroy22/27/2011
NYC maria collazo92/16/2011
NYC maria collazo122/16/2011
New Map maria collazo32/15/2011
Red Hook Brooklynwhere the cool kids are... not really. isolated goodness thriving.Bryan Lauas72/14/2011
book of awesome C Seale32/11/2011
Italian Lizelle Jackson12/4/2011
New York Nichole Hess12/2/2011
Landmarks/Shopping Jodi K271/31/2011
NYC 01.28.11 Esther Alva11/26/2011
NYC Record Stores Andrew Savage261/17/2011
Jan 2011 Carole-Lynn DeGroat11/12/2011
Drinking/Eating Jodi K331/10/2011
Washington Heights Kye Ginger21/7/2011
Sweet awesome map Natalie Reinert71/4/2011
December trip Kosta Koutsokalis112/18/2010
Bed Sty Brooklyn Florist will fulton112/16/2010
New MapNew York CityBrent Correll1012/4/2010
LES Ace Atienza311/27/2010
New Map Olympia Mastrokolias111/21/2010
Al's Restaurants Al Kuan111/19/2010
vintage shopping mitchell webb411/12/2010
NY by Lake hQ Liz Cheeseman1311/12/2010
New MapNEW YORK PLACES TO EAT SLEEP AND BE MERRY.mitchell webb2211/11/2010
2010 Tkgs trip Russell Deweese111/8/2010
Map Name Russell Deweese111/8/2010
Brunch K Menick311/3/2010
Serious Eats Sandwiches K Menick1011/3/2010
NYC Thibaut Coves111/1/2010
DUMPLINGS K Menick1710/28/2010
Gyms and HealthGyms around the City and Health Oriented spotsKosta Koutsokalis110/26/2010
Food To Bike ToThis is a map of highly recommended food stops. None of these places are meant for leisurely dining experiences; most are basically just takeout; all are delicious and cheap.K Menick4210/20/2010
Manhattan Coffee Shops Worth a Visit Mike White1210/16/2010
Greenpoint Sylvia Jorge110/14/2010
New York Sylvia Jorge510/14/2010
After 10PM in WilliamsburgWhether you're hopping or crawling around BillyBurg, the voyage is the destination, and this map is your guide.Austin Brown2110/14/2010
Hampton Inn Manhattan Soho54 Watts Street, New York, NY 10013 USPhilippe Durand410/8/2010
10-10 trip Ann Marie McGinley410/3/2010
Places to try Catherine Bell110/1/2010
New Map Samantha Brown39/30/2010
NYC Adventure 2010 Jeff Green19/26/2010
New Map JENNIFER STEELE19/14/2010 Julio cantos19/2/2010
Arecibo Julio cantos19/2/2010
Downtown Walking Tour Ilene Bach188/27/2010
new york R M18/5/2010
New York Tim J187/4/2010
NYC National Historic Sites Walking/Subway Tour Anne Siegler306/25/2010
10 Favorite NFT Burger Joints, NYCHey there everyone--our pizza map was so successful that we figured we'd do a burger map next. Want to give us your favorites? Email us at, or better yet, make your own map by becoming a member of (it's free!).NFT 96/21/2010
New Map Mo Raybourne16/14/2010
10 Favorite NFT Pizzerias, NYCWhile we could certainly add another 10 pizzerias to this list, we figured we'd start with 10 favorites. We made sure to represent each borough at least once, and we only added pizzerias that we've been to several times. If you guys want another 10, just holler and we'll add them!NFT 96/14/2010
june 13th 2010 marlea keidong96/6/2010
Places to try Charlotte Knox15/31/2010
New York City Leigh Ann Tucker895/31/2010
Mariana and Michael's Anniversary Party Paloma Guzzardo185/30/2010
New Map vanessa fried15/25/2010
Stuff To Do in NY Alexander Walsh45/20/2010
Downtown Suzanne O'Brien195/19/2010
Boys and Mom Kathy Labinski125/15/2010
post el bario anton maximov45/11/2010
NYC Specialty DistrictsHey everyone--what other districts should go on this map? Would love to hear from you!Rob Tallia44/29/2010
To Eat List Sarah Hocevar164/28/2010
Mood-Altering Coffee & Hot Chocolate: Prime New York SpotsA cabbie - or anyone who's trying to survive in NYC - often needs a mood-altering substance to make it through the shift. Here are a few of my favorite places for a caffeine-induced pick-me-up. All of these spots are chasing perfection, and they catch it most of the time.Layne Mosler63/27/2010
Where to Eat When You're Driving a NY CabEating spots ideal for cabbies on duty - or anyone in search of cheap/fast/tasty food (most of these are my findings from the driver's seat of a taxi): - Dish(es) cost less than $10 - The place is less than a 5-minute walk from free parking and/or a taxi stand. - Extra points if there's a bathroom on the premises (or nearby).Layne Mosler103/25/2010
Map 7 Richard Dreher13/24/2010
West Village NYC Sue Marsh53/7/2010
New Map Daniel P. Kennedy12/18/2010
2.13.10 trip Jimmy Gilliland52/12/2010
Eat Jenn Parente12/11/2010
party Jenn Parente112/9/2010
Brooklyn1BrookilynRon Lau12/6/2010
RAW food - NYC Jane Pirone32/4/2010
Brooklyn Peter Hitt21/26/2010
January 2010 Emily Kinkaid491/20/2010
Brooklyn Margaret Pronobis11/10/2010
Crown Heights, New York 11213The Gardens of Brooklyn, New York Citya camera11/6/2010
Vegan Eleanor Taraldsen312/25/2009
New York - Greenwich Village Jane Doe1012/9/2009
New York - Lower Upper West Side Jane Doe2012/9/2009
New York - Upper Upper West Side Jane Doe2012/8/2009
NYC Mini Storage LocationsManhattan Mini Storage has a full range of products and services to meet your moving and storage needs. With 17 locations in Manhattan, we are the neighborhood moving and storage professionals in NYCManhattan Mini Storage 1612/3/2009
DUMBO/Vinegar Hill ivana nikolic411/30/2009
Chelsea Philippe Durand2811/29/2009
East Village Leah Ahles111/17/2009
Midtown - shopsShops I want to visit today in MidtownFiona Duguid211/12/2009
New York - East VillageVintage Shops I want to visit this tripFiona Duguid611/12/2009
New York Rob MacAndrew111/4/2009
New York Stephen Faulkner211/1/2009
New Map Jurgen W210/31/2009
NYC Fall 2009 Ryan Kulina110/28/2009
extra vanessa fried610/23/2009
Where to Hang Before, During & After the Halloween ParadeEven though we can't stand Halloween here at NFT, and refuse, on complete curmudgeonly grounds, to get into a costume, let alone go anywhere near the West Village during the parade (did we mention we hate crowds, too?) for those of you with a more positive outlook on your fellow humans (or, if you've just moved here from, say, Texas), we thought we'd provide this handy map of cool things to see, eat, and do before, during, and after the parade. And if you've never been to the parade - - well, of course you have to go ONCE. Just don't expect to actually CROSS Sixth Avenue between Spring and 21st St after dark on Halloween...NFT 1410/22/2009
Where to Hang Before, During & After the Halloween ParadeEven though we can't stand Halloween here at NFT, and refuse, on complete curmudgeonly grounds, to get into a costume, let alone go anywhere near the West Village during the parade (did we mention we hate crowds, too?) for those of you with a more positive outlook on your fellow humans (or, if you've just moved here from, say, Texas), we thought we'd provide this handy map of cool things do see, eat, and do before, during, and after the parade. And if you've never been to the parade - - well, of course you have to go ONCE. Just don't expect to actually CROSS Sixth Avenue between Spring and 21st St after dark on Halloween...Rob Tallia510/21/2009
Favorite Restaurants Cathy Vu110/20/2009
NYC Nom Erin Slattery110/20/2009
test map for 11/9test description for 11/9Christopher Willets610/16/2009
places rob wants to take mela di da.Jane Pirone510/5/2009
ISB Afternoon Bus Stops Rob Tallia1010/2/2009
ISB Morning Bus Stops Rob Tallia1410/1/2009
Red Hook RetailWe now believe that after a few fits and starts that Red Hook Retail has arrived!Rob Tallia79/30/2009
Meeting Place For The Manhattan Adult ADD Support GroupWe have been meeting here since 1993.Brad Roberts19/21/2009
my nyc Candace Schoppe208/30/2009
Fort Greene BarsHere's where I would drink if I didn't have a kid.Rob Tallia28/25/2009
Wong Peter Wong278/23/2009
Craig & Patrick's Summer Time FunWhen your buddy from Seattle comes to town, that can only mean lots of beer drinking, bowling, exploring, and endless games of Ms. Pac Man. Yeah, we're that cool.Craig Nelson188/21/2009
My hood Chris Hoadley58/13/2009
NYC Sandwich Heaven Jane Pirone38/12/2009
LES Dean Solomon38/10/2009
New York for Jo and Mitt Alice Adams188/8/2009
NYC Nikolas Ave128/4/2009
Around the Belleclaire Catherine McGee97/28/2009
NY Tour August 09 Peter Novotny127/27/2009
Eating the High LineAs the High Line has instantly become one of our favorite NYC destinations, we thought we'd provide a handy little "cheat sheet" of our favorite eateries within munching distance of Manhattan's hippest new park. We hope this map comes in handy on at least one occasion!Rob Tallia147/22/2009
My Favorites Mike White167/18/2009
Midtown East Lucy Saunders157/17/2009
Summer 2009 Joe Garreck227/16/2009
Envie de bagels Philippe Durand17/15/2009
Williamsburg Jake Ungrey47/13/2009
Bedford-Stuyvesant Jake Ungrey17/13/2009
Brooklyn Mark Chakoian87/12/2009
New York Whitney Bush1287/12/2009
NEW YORK CITY Amy Akel207/5/2009
NY Post Offices Shipra Gupta17/4/2009
NYC  Sara Flynn47/2/2009
New York Design Center Area TINA RINKER27/2/2009
Dream Hotel Area TINA RINKER137/2/2009
Brooklyn Isaac Chu106/22/2009
cheap eats Jessie Lin76/18/2009
Our New York Trip Jacqueline Wells246/17/2009
redhook Corrin Arasa56/16/2009
greenpoint Corrin Arasa26/16/2009
Bushwick Corrin Arasa16/16/2009
East Williamsburg Corrin Arasa36/16/2009
My Stomping Ground Heather Chatman36/10/2009
Vintage LES Nick Jacka55/22/2009
East Midtown Stuart Farr15/18/2009
New York Trip 2009 Rebecca Kumar25/14/2009
New York Tri[ Lauren Rummel185/11/2009
Friday Art Adventures: May 8th Craig Nelson55/7/2009
The Journey for the Best BurgerWhere is the best burger in the city?Sarah Hocevar245/6/2009
Craig & Noah's Excellent Adventure Craig Nelson74/14/2009
Rob's Approved South Street Seaport Destinations Rob Tallia53/26/2009
Rob's Birthday jodie 23/25/2009
Rob and Jodie jodie 23/24/2009
NYC trip 03/09 cl brantley133/23/2009
Rob's Bacon Map of NYC Rob Tallia63/18/2009
Brooklyn Inn Stuart Farr13/9/2009
Non-Starbucks or DD Coffee Shops Robert Little33/9/2009
My Regular Brooklyn Stops lea garrett273/5/2009
Dive Bars I Love Rob Tallia103/4/2009
Map of Places Where You Can Find Michael And Buy Him A Drink Michael Dale63/4/2009
East Harlem Picks Craig Nelson143/3/2009
Sarah's Neighborhood  Sarah Hocevar102/25/2009
Feb 28 Emily Kinkaid312/24/2009
NYC Feb25,09 Paul Rennenberg12/22/2009
Essential Chinatown Lunch Spots Craig Nelson92/18/2009
Rob's Clinton Hill Rob Tallia92/18/2009
Rob's Pizza Map of NYC Rob Tallia112/18/2009