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Corporate Sales FAQ

01. What do you need in order to create a mock-up of my company logo?
We will need an editable .eps file of your logo. JPEGs, GIFs, and images that have been locked or flattened will not work, as we need to edit the file before we place it.
02. I don’t have a company logo (I’m a freelancer; I’m getting married next month; I just want the book to say “Happy Hanukkah” etc…), can you create the artwork for me?
No problem. If it’s a simple text-based logo that you’re after, we’ll create it for free. If you want something a little more extravagant, we’ll negotiate an art fee with you.
03. Can I put two logos on one book?
You sure can. Instead of one stamp fee per book though, you'd have to pay for two. You'd also have to pay an additional die-making fee for the second die.
04. What is the minimum order?
To foil stamp books, we require you to order at least 20 copies.
05. If I like the mock-up, how do I order?
Once you have approved the artwork and informed us how many books you would like, we send it to our foil stamper for printing. Before we can begin your job, we require a 50% deposit, which can be made by credit card or check.
06. How long will it take for my books to arrive after you receive my initial payment?
The turnaround time for foil stamped books is usually two weeks.
07. When do I pay the remaining 50% balance?
Once the books are printed and ready to ship, the remaining 50% balance is due.
08. Can I pay the total amount up-front when I place my order?
Only if you’re willing to accept our undying love and devotion. (In other words: yes.)
09. How much does the shipping and handling cost?
It depends on how many books you order and where they ship to. We ship via UPS ground so that we can track your packages.
10. Why do you call it a “foil” stamp?
The images on the front of the book are created from very thin pieces of foil. The foil is simultaneously pressed with force and heated onto the cover of the book. Whereas you can achieve very fine detail printing with ink, foil stamping is a less exact art form. In order to maintain clarity, large, bold images achieve the best result. Fine detail and small print will not work. As a rule, any text should be no smaller than the “Not For Tourists” text on the front cover of the book.
11. Can you do color stamping?
Yes, we can. Each color will be stamped separately, and will therefore incur an additional stamping fee. This process takes much longer than the standard silver foil stamping. You should allow up to four weeks from the time your artwork is approved.
12. If I order 500 NYC books and 500 SF books, do I get the 1,000 book discount?
You most certainly do!
13. If I purchase additional books at a later date, do I have to pay the die stamp charge again?
Yes, there is a re-order stamp fee.
14. Can I customize the back of the book?
The answer to that is yes. But we think it’d look pretty bad and nobody has ever done it before.
15. Can I add a page to the book, customize the inside front cover, or in some other way alter the original construction of the book?
You can if you order enough copies! An alteration in construction means that we need to get a reprint done especially for you. We would require you to order at least 2,000 copies to make a reprint a plausible consideration.
16. Can I get LA books in that cute little New York City size?
Unfortunately, not. Due to the significant coverage area of the LA book, if we shrunk it to NYC size, we’d have to get car manufacturers to design new glove compartments to hold the brick-like product.
17. I’ve got a few more questions. If I want to speak to somebody, who do I call?
The person you’re after is