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Market Information


200,000 books per publishing year, and we can't keep them in stock.


Not For Tourists™ is available at high-traffic retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Borders in major US cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Atlanta. Kind of like American Express -- we're everywhere you want to be!


Readers refer to NFT™ Guidebooks an average of five times a week. Our target audience is locals, business travelers, commuters, students, and ... tourists! (Didn't think we'd say that, did you?)


A proper lady never tells. 76% of our readers are between the ages of 18-49. The average age of an NFT™ user is 32.


Get your mind out of the gutter. NFT™ is read by males and females alike (52% males, 48% female) though females seem to be more successful using our navigational maps.

Marital Status:

65% are single, 30% married, and the remaining 5% are currently involved in an extramarital affair. Our lips are sealed.


83% attend or have attended college. 45% hold both graduate and post-graduate degrees. 23% are current MENSA members.


86.5% ages 18-36 are employed.
84.3% ages 26-49 are employed.


Average income of $45,000 per year.


92% use NFT™ when planning leisure activities.
87% have been loyal readers for at least one year.
82% prefer reading NFT over any other city guide ... jealous?