I'M a film student at Cal State L.A. My guilty pleasure is finding delicious places to eat at!

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     Paramount Pictures Post Production Intern
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     Far Eat Movement
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     Raymond E. Feist
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     Crazy Stupid Love
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     Won't the tourists see?
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     Ponzu Sauce
Neeko's Reviews & Comments
Akasaka Restaurant 8/30/2011
This tiny hidden treasure is located in an industrial area. Make sure to make a reservation, but even with one expect to wait an hour. The sushi portions are huge! Sundays they're closed. The waitstaff aren't too great, but I can work up a little sympathy since it's usually hectic in there. There's an outdoor seating area too. I'd recommend the Chirashi bowl, the most bang for your buck! If you can slip in to sit at the bar you'll have a great time talking with the owner/sushi chef. She's a blast, you can tip her in sake too!
Ichi Ichi Fusion Shabu 8/30/2011
After trying many crappy Shabu joints that had weak flavored ponzu and meager sides, the years of hunting for a shabu place that could live up to my standards paid off; I found the one! This is seriously satisfying shabu. Not only do you get to choose from an arrangement of soup bases, but they have a sauce bar where guests create their own perfect sauce. I always leave full and happy. Parking can be hard on weekend nights. There are usually some type of special for lunch too.