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I'M a fun-loving grad student who is hell bent on not letting my schooling interfere with my education. I love that DC has so much to offer, for all kinds of people, though my preference is anything that is free (*cough, grad student, cough*). I am studying to be a tour guide, because I love helping travelers make the most out of their experience. Check out my website for the perspective of one who is young and frugal, highlighting DC food, events, and news that I like.

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10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     grad student/explorer of DC
What I'm listening to:
     car alarms going off on F St.
What I'm reading:
     The Tao of Pooh
What I've just seen:
     Ovechkin's head on the side of a bus
What I believe in:
     the universe is universal
What pisses me off:
     DC public transportation
What I really think of NFT:
     an amazing resource, especially in such a transient city
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: What kind of cheese is the moon made from?
    A: Provolone (good thing there's no air in space so you can't smell it)
What sanctifies me:
     the Lincoln at night

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Florida Avenue Grill 10/7/2010
Hands down, the best breakfast in DC. In upstate NY, we only have Greek diners, so when the default answer was biscuits rather than toast, I knew I was in for some southern eats. FL Ave Grill does NOT disappoint, the homefries are the best I've ever had, and come garnished with grilled onions and peppers. The waitresses make it feel like home...you'll likely get called pumpkin, sugar, and/or honey at least twice during your visit. If you're lucky enough to get a counter seat, most of the cooks on the griddle will go out of their way to keep you entertained. Just writing this has got me in the mood for some bacon...not scrapple though, that's just too far for me.

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7/29/2011 Coffee, — Despite the fact that it's located in a strip mall, Swiss Bakery envelops you with all things Bavari...

Urfa Tomato Kabob
Quest for Doner
10/15/2010 Restaurants, Chinatown / Union Station — After living on doner sandwiches in Austria this summer, I've been on the prowl for quality doner in...

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Washington DC
The Swiss Bakery and Cafe Authentic Swiss-Bavarian cafe and bakery.
Urfa Tomato Kabob Gigantic and cheap pitas stuffed with goodies.