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MR. Savage believes that people and culture are interesting. He plays in bands. When he isn't doing that he does freelance art and writing. He cooks and showers daily.

East WilliamsburgNew York

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
What I'm listening to:
     Mothers of Invention, Tyvek, Louvin Brothers
What I'm reading:
What I've just seen:
     North America, lots of Western Europe
What I believe in:
     Burritos are delicious.
What pisses me off:
What I really think of NFT:
     The silver ink has long since worn off.
Further contact info:
     andrewsavage.carbonmade.com machomanandysavage@gmail.com
What sanctifies me:
     Showering daily

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The Chicago Diner 3/30/2011
It's an institution of vegetarian dining that paved the way for so many restaurants around the nation. Operating since 1983, the Second City's own Chicago Diner is the blueprint. Back when veggie burgers and vegan milkshakes were a new frontier for chefs and restaurant-goers alike, Chicago Diner made vegetarian cuisine accesible to Chicagoans. Sticking with the diner theme, the East Lakeview landmark serves up the traditional fair of Reubens, burgers, meatloaf and breakfast food. The star of the show is the Dagwood, a sloppy veggie take on the classic sandwich. Also try the mac n' cheese, available in cheddar or an equally delicious vegan version. In warmer months, enjoy the back patio. As with most long-running institutions, expect a wait. It's well worth it.
Haab 11/28/2010
I was initially skeptical of Haab, I'm not sure why. Maybe because I have an inclination to try Mexican food from dives that aren't as colorful or inviting. Windows dressed with bright Jarrito bottles, patio seating and hip interiors don't usually scream "hole in the wall". Haab instantly shattered my notion of what fresh Mexican food can be. Burritos and tacos are served with three house sauces, all of which are fantastic. The guacamole is just as good, with only the bare elements and nothing more. This is a fairly new location for Haab (the original is in Queens) and the menu is always being expanded. A great addition to a neighborhood steadily gaining culinary momentum.
Mast Brothers Chocolate 10/4/2010
Mast Bros have an attention to detail. From their use of small-farm organic cacao beans, to the simple charm of their storefront to the beautiful paper that wraps their bars. Mast Bros are "bean to bar" chocolate makers, meaning the raw cacao that is imported from Dominican Republic and Madagascar turn into their handsome chocolate bars under one roof. The Iowa born brothers posses a noble enthusiasm for the process, and give the customer a taste of centuries-old way of making candy. Their shop is open to the public on weekends, and offer guided tours as well.
Damascus Bread & Pastry Shop 9/6/2010
If you're looking for a truly outstanding falafel sandwich, then why not go to the Syrian deli that has been making them for 80 years? Established in 1930, the family-owned Damascus Bread & Pastry churns out fresh middle eastern breads daily, as well as boasting a fabulous deli counter with all your favorite from hummus and baba ganouj to fresh olives and dates. The spinach pies are a customer favorite. Service is fast and friendly, and the place has a great neighborhood feel, where regular customers can say "the usual". Why not ask for a sample taste before you buy? It's not a problem at Damascus.
Stella's Tap 8/26/2010
Friendly neighborhood bar in Ukranian Village. Frequented by young Pabst partisans and the old country set. Stella is the proprietress, and damn can she make a drink!

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Stella's Tap Ukranian sports bar.