STARVIN' artist, indie filmmaker, budding photographer and writer.

Neighborhood: Miami

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Free spirit for hire
What I'm listening to:
What I'm reading:
     Who Cut the Cheese? A Cultural History of the Fart by Jim Dawson.
What I've just seen:
     What I haven't seen might be a shorter list.
What I believe in:
What pisses me off:
What I really think of NFT:
     Finally, a travel site I can get down with.
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JudyD's Reviews & Comments
Sport's Grill 9/13/2009
Recycled Blues 9/13/2009
S&S Diner 9/13/2009
Van Dyke Cafe 9/13/2009

Submitted Listings

A Slice of Heaven Breadshop Specialty breads, buns and baguettes for the carbaholic in you.
A&M Comics and Books Dark, dingy, and packed wall-to-wall with comics.
Alley Cat The dirty little secret hidden in one of Miami's nicest neighborhoods.
AMC Theaters Cocowalk 16 Perfect for a midweek matinee, with the other elderly couples.
AMC Theatres Sunset Place A prime spot for parents to dump their teens on weekends.