Chile Willy

CHILEAN import residing in SF for 5 years. i like long walks on the beach, red wine and fine men...actually, it's more like short walks to the bar, whiskey and bearded men! oh wait, it's not that kind of bio.

Neighborhood: Mission/Dolores Park

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     massage therapist - server
What I'm listening to:
     Little Joy, Devendra Banhart, Vampire Weekend, Feist, the XX
What I'm reading:
     Dave Eggers, Isabel Allende, Sedaris, Reinaldo Arenas, Miranda July
What I've just seen:
     Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie, Battle Royale, True Romance
What I believe in:
     something greater
What pisses me off:
     arrogance, greed, close mindedness, popped collars, velour
What I really think of NFT:
     a good choice for those who seek the road less traveled.
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: what was your most memorable travel moment?
    A: dancing under hot rain in the island of Culebra, PR to a drum circle.
Further contact info:
What sanctifies me:
     a dry, witty repartee.

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