Rachel Tepper

I'M a twenty-something out and about in Washington, DC. I have a love for all things quirktastic, tasty and different. Check out my adventures on my blog, Plight of the Pumpernickel!

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Freelance journalist
What I'm listening to:
     Phoenix, Tally Hall, Weezer, Guster, Adele
What I'm reading:
     Garlic and Sapphires
What I believe in:
     The essential goodness of the human psyche
What pisses me off:
     Slackers, hackers and midnight snackers. Though I'm the last one sometimes
The question I really wanted to answer was:
     Q: What makes you tick?
    A: I love all things quirktastic. It's better to be a bit off than boring.
Further contact info:
     plightofthepumpernickel@gmail.com, @thepumpernickel, http://tinyurl.com/mb7kqm

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Public Bar 8/5/2009
Public Bar is the newest import to Dupont Circle - - and the flashiest. Don't be surprised if you see long lines of hopefuls waiting on the street outside, or a gaggle of Real World DC cast members stumbling around inside (their exploits will premier in 2010). Public Bar features three - - count 'em, THREE - - floors, complete with exposed brick walls, huge booths, flat screen TVs and a great rooftop deck. Of course, with all that flash come higher prices. But if you enjoy being the center of the popular DC scene, Public Bar is the place to be.
Smith Point 8/4/2009
Smith Point is a restaurant. Smith Point is a bar. But mostly, Smith Point is an enclave for the young and WASPy. Which is great, if that's your scene. Popped collars and boat licenses abound at Smith Point, and if you make it inside, there are some good libations to be had. That might be easier said than done; some allege that the bounces turn away those deemed "unworthy." During the Bush years, Smith Point was a popular hangout for Barbara and Jenna and their Republican friends. Will much change with Obama in the White House? Probably not, but then again, conservatives do need a place to drown their sorrows.
Peacock Cafe 8/4/2009
Peacock Cafe is well known as a hot brunch spot in Georgetown (it's rumored to be the best in the District) and boasts one of DC's first juice bars. However, it's also a singles hot spot in the evening for supper and after dinner drinks. Lots of singles mingling and tasty drink specials, Peacock Cafe is a fun time for a laid back evening with friends or a pre-club excursion.
Paper Moon 8/4/2009
Though Paper Moon is well known as a neighborhood Italian restaurant during the day (the place has been there forever), at night it morphs into a raucous Euro-club. They play a lot of Latin music, but DJs mix it up with tunes that will satisfy a wide range of tastes. Go for "International Saturdays," a weekly event that boasts itself as "DC's hottest international scene." Cover is $10 bucks. Paper Moon also hosts several large parties each year, including one for Halloween and another for New Year's.
Champions 8/4/2009
Champions ain't classy, but then again, you don't come here if you're looking for a nice glass of Chablis. Champions posters around town are plastered with images of scantily clad women in risque referee uniforms, so if you don't know realize what the place is all about, it's your own fault. It's a sports bar and a place to imbibe alcohol in mass quantities, which is great if that's what your in the mood for. Otherwise, stay far, far away. The place is popular with area college students and people who wish they were still in college.

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