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Mother of Invention Acting School 3/5/2009
Andrew Utter is a teacher with extraordinary intensity, intention, commitment and powerful vision. It's evident at every moment that he is completely committed to assisting his students not just to "act well", but to "act better." The class is well organized and structured and there is definitely never a dull moment. The scene work is very intense and difficult, but equally powerful. His techniques are simple but transformational. It impacted me on many levels, personal and psychological, as well as being so useful to me in learning and perfecting my craft. Working with another student in between sessions was also fun and challenging. Andrew's students seem committed and focused, and they were a pleasure to work with. In a class such as this, it's important to share the journey with good people. "Friends and Family Night" at the last session is a wonderful opportunity to share oneself with others. My family and friends loved the opportunity to see me perform - it was a perfect evening!! I am already planning to do the course again, as I think it will be continuously invaluable to me. I can without any reservation whatsoever , and with pleasure and gratitude, recommend Andrew as an outstanding and committed instructor.

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