About NFT




01. Why are your guides different sizes?
Well, you see it’s actually quite simple. The NFT Guides to New York City, London, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Queens, and Boston are all designed to fit neatly in your pocket as these are cities most typically traversed by foot or public transportation, hence the small, pocket-sized books for carrying convenience. The LA book is the biggest, so the maps will be easier to use while driving (LA’s most effective means of transport…sometimes). The Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, and DC books are mid-sized because we like to see you scratch your heads in confusion when you see these medium bad boys on the shelf. Seriously though, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, and DC are hybrid cities where lots of folks drive and lots of people take public transportation, so this book is perfect for driving and commuting by public transport.

In reality, we usually determine the size of the book by the square mileage in our coverage area. The more real estate we cover, the larger the book needs to be.

02. How do you decide which city NFT is going to cover next?
We follow a highly scientific process that takes into account the ratio of a city’s population to how many individuals of said population might actually buy an NFT, then we multiply that number by the tangent of 7.364% which gives us the value of X. The value of X is then converted to the metric system, squared under Archimedes’ principle, and baked at a temperature of 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Then we throw a dart at a large map of the world and wherever it lands: bingo!

03. What are the next NFT titles in the works?
London! (In the UK. Sorry Ontario, Canada.) And after that we're currently arguing over New Orleans, Paris, Toronto, Miami, Portland, Minneapolis, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Dubai, Omaha, Topeka, Des Moines, Spokane…

04. Where can I buy NFT?
If you’re lazy you can buy any NFT title on our website—just click on the Shop NFT link and order away. If you don’t believe in e-commerce, or if you don’t feel like spending money on shipping, you can find NFT at your local bookstores, Barnes and Noble or Borders. For the most part, NFT guides are only carried in the cities that we cover, so if you live in Nebraska you’ll have to order online.

05. How do you decide which restaurants, bars, shopping, and landmarks are featured in each NFT Guide?
Practically rocket science. We’ve got a highly selective team of researchers who cull from every resource available, whittling down all of the possible inclusions into the most valuable list. And if we call your business to get your address for the next edition and you’re downright rude to us on the phone, you’re blacklisted. End of story.

06. How do you decide which hardware stores, bookstores, movie theaters, coffee shops, schools, supermarkets, banks, liquor stores, video rental houses, gas stations, parking garages, art galleries, hotels, pet shops, and car washes will be featured in each NFT guide?
For these categories, it is every single business we are able to confirm via phone. As long as they reply in a known language.

07. How do you choose your coverage area for each city?
We work with our city editors to determine the overall coverage area of any city, based on where the highest population concentration is in each city, and where we think the cool people who will buy our books live. That’s why we left you out last year, Dorchester (did we say that out loud?).

08. What is the production schedule for each book?
We produce the books when we have the $$$. Give us your $$$.

09. How do I get my business into the illustrious pages of NFT?
Just hit us with your suggestion on our Feedback Page and we’ll take a look at it. THEN we’ll decide if you’re truly worthy.

10. How can I work for you guys?
We are always on the lookout for City Editors, Neighborhood Editors, Interns, and NYC Wage Slaves. Visit the “Jobs” section to sign your life away!

11. Why is the cover black?
Because black is beautiful, man.

12. Can I get customized guides for my company?
Of course! We can put your logo on a book, or specialize content, and/or produce custom maps, pamphlets, and special editions. Visit our Corporate and Custom Mapping pages.

13. Do you license your content?
Absolutely. Feel free to call Rob Tallia at 212-965-8650 to talk bizness, or email him at rob@notfortourists.com.