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Office Crew

Due to the fact that Jane Pirones office door is perpetually closed, we are unable to obtain a bio from her at this point in time. Please check back in the distant future for riveting information about the boss lady.

Rob Tallia has spent most of his life in a struggle for justice. When he is not doing that, however, he helps produce the NFT Guidebook series with his partner, Jane Pirone, plays guitar, takes the occasional photo, and travels as much as possible with his wife Jodie and young son Miles. He thanks you for your support.

Craig Nelson is Managing Editor for NFT.  Someday, he hopes to be able to afford lunch somewhere other than Sanur.

Long before word "Metrosexual" was coined, popularized and subsequently beaten into the ground, Michael Dale began chronicling his mad adventures as a straight boy living in a gay world over at www.dry2olives.com. Buildings which housed the 5 off-off Broadway plays he penned have all been destroyed or turned into a Starbucks, but his name remains the answer to the popular trivia question "Who wrote the official play of Babe Ruth's 100th Birthday?" The Village Voice said Michael "panders to the nervous giggles of the closed-minded." Currently Chief Theatre Critic for BroadwayWorld.com.

Aaron Schielke has a special place in his heart for maps and Chinatown lunches

Juan Molinari was recently diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome as well as a surprisingly acute case of ADHD and has the paperwork to prove it. He wants everybody to know for their own safety. He also manages the technical aspects of the web site and some other stuff that nobody knows about.

Jonathan Levy likes to make maps. Check out his cartographic blog.

Lea Garrett would rather be gamboling idly upon the open prairie or cycling streetside on her custom-fitted bicyclette but Lea was not made for a life of idle capering. Lea is a warrior.