About NFT



About NFT

Greetings Dear Reader,

Welcome to Not For Tourists™. If you’ve bought one of our guides already, many thanks—but be sure to check out some of the other fun stuff on our website including daily On Our Radar articles about stuff going on in your city, printable PDF files of every page of every book, and cool items in our shop like giant wall maps.

If you’re new to NFT then here are a few words of attempted explanation: Not For Tourists is a growing series of guides to major cities. Our philosophy is simple: people need to use the cities they live in, commute into, or travel to effectively. They need to use their city’s transportation systems; its governmental infrastructure; its shops, restaurants, and nightspots—and they need all of this information while they’re on the move in a format that’s more accessible than the Yellow Pages, more informative than Zagat’s, and more useful than any other tourist’s guide out there today.

Consequently, we created a guide that has highly graphical neighborhood maps, tons of listings, and commentary on everything from restaurants, nightlife, and shopping to parks, public transit, sports stadiums, museums, art galleries, and even hardware stores. And best of all, we’ve squeezed all this info into a portable, attractive format designed to be an essential tool for residents, commuters, and visitors alike. As residents of New York, desperate for such a handy guide to the city we love, we felt it was our duty to make this all inclusive book and bring it to everyone else who shares the same passion for their city as we do.

We released our first book, the NFT Guide to Manhattan in May of 2000, after three years of research and development. Eight years later, we've got a full arsenal of twelve guides just bursting at the seams. Our newest title (and first international foray) is the NFT Guide to London ($16.95; 600 pages). We also offer the NFT Guide to Atlanta ($19.95; 386 pgs), Boston ($16.95; 314 pgs), Chicago ($19.95; 442 pgs), Los Angeles ($24.95; 518 pgs), Philadelphia ($16.95; 286 pgs) San Francisco ($16.95; 394 pgs), Washington DC ($19.95; 390 pgs), Seattle ($19.95; 374 pgs), and of course, the original, New York City ($16.95; 486 pgs). And for all of you borough-centric individuals, we've even got the NFT guide to Brooklyn ($14.95; 262 pgs) and Queens ($12.95; 214 pgs).

All this has been accomplished by working closely with our fabulous City Editors and Neighborhood Editors, talking with book buyers, and most importantly listening to the invaluable feedback from readers like you. We’ve been blessed with a great crew of people who have helped us expand our vision—which we hope will expand someday in the near future to Europe, Canada, and beyond. Stay tuned…

As always, still designing, still dreaming,

Jane & Rob